Anna Chart

 Anna Chart

Head of Operations & Performance

Anna has 20 years experience as a business manager in the pharmaceutical industry and is now our Head of Operations & Performance. In her previous roles she coached and managed remote workers to achieve success whilst supporting their personal growth and development. She has a real love for shaping team cultures that cultivate happy, high-performing teams. This is underpinned by other work she carries out with organisations that promote the ideal of happiness at work.

Anna is inspired by authentic leaders and motivated by the opportunity for lifelong learning. Her style is warm and friendly, but she is always willing to challenge to get to the heart of the discussion.

Her role with Mental Health at Work has given her the opportunity to bring together her passion for helping people hold non-judgmental conversations and the impact that this has on culture, with rigour and excellence around all processes.  Anna uses this experience to help our clients consider how they can shape similarly health team environments in their organisations. 

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