Benefits of Investing in Workplace Mental Health

Many organisation accept that investing in workplace mental health is the right thing to do, but we know that in reality it needs to be considered against business priorities and commercial goals.  Targeted, high quality programmes, focussing on skills that drive behaviour change, have been proven to increase employee engagement and productivity and reduce presenteeism, delivering a return of £5:£1 invested(1). 

Why invest – some facts and figures

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Mental health issues cost an estimated £1600 per employee per year1.

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3 X

3 x more profit for organisations that invest in wellbeing2.

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1 in 4 employees are impacted by poor mental health each year3.

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4-4.5 X

Presenteeism incurs between 4-4.5X cost of sickness1.

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of long-term absence is caused by mental ill health4.

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Poor mental health costs the workplace around £53 bn annually1

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of all working days lost to sickness are mental health related5.

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report they have observed presenteeism in the last 12 months6.

To find out how much mental health might cost your business each year, simply input the total number of employees on the slide

This is the TOTAL cost of absenteeism, presenteeism and the cost of replacing staff in any one year for your business

Organisational success is driven by engaged and productive employees.

The workplace can be a necessarily demanding environment; tight deadlines, reduced resources, increased targets add to pressures and stresses from our lives outside work, meaning we can all experience changes in our mental health.

Understanding how to manage mental health at work and the support that is available, can improve our ability to perform at our best.

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The impact

Bullet pointEmployees performing as they could, should and want to do 

Bullet pointSkills within individuals and teams to enable open, inclusive & effective communication 

Bullet pointImproved employee engagement​

Bullet pointReasonable adjustments and clear absence management and return to work policies

Bullet pointInclusivity and openness within the workforce​

Bullet pointCompliance with the Equality Act 2010​

How will it help


A global client saw a 350% increase in take up of their EAP after a MHaW mental health programme.


Our client reported a 17% increase in employees feeling that their workplace was a psychologically safe place to work, after a programme of our workshops for employees and managers.

“I found the course really useful in that I have more confidence to have the conversations knowing I don’t need to have solutions”


From their employee survey, our client had a 82% positive response to “My manager shows a sincere interest in me as a person”, which was +29% in two years, after completing a MHaW Manage® programme.


After implementing MHaW Manage®, our client saw a 31% decrease in mental health related absence in the following year.

“I’m a lot more aware of how to support my team, how to have honest and quality conversations without any prejudices”


After introducing a network of MHaW Allies®, our global client reported that 83% of their trained Allies have had a mental health conversation with colleagues at work

”Best course I have ever done in 14 years!”