Mental Health at Work Consultancy

Many organisations have implemented mental health programmes, and are conscious that assessing impact and identifying opportunities for optimisation is critical, but are not sure where to start. 

Mental Health at Work bring our expertise to this area, through our diagnostic consulting framework, created on the foundations of our experience in developing and implementing mental health programmes across multiple industries, globally since 2015.

As a leader with responsibility for mental health strategy, it can be helpful to work alongside an independent partner to understand the current experience for staff around the mental health agenda, how infrastructure, policy and procedure contributes to this and what  evidence and evaluation around outcomes is available. This will provide you with a view on where the organisation currently sits, including areas of good practice and where there are gaps or areas of improvement.

What is Mental Health at Work Consultancy?

Mental Health at Work use an established Diagnostic Framework to assess how well the current mental health strategy is being implemented and where there may be optimisation opportunities.

We know that each organisation and their needs around workplace mental health are different, we start with scoping to understand your objectives and aspirations, catalogue existing initiatives and ensure that we understand corporate culture and business norms before we move into diagnostics.

We can segment the approach by region, market or business unit, drawing parallels and identifying best practice within the organisation. You can engage us across the full Diagnostic Tool Kit or choose to look just at Employee Voice, Policy Review or Scorecard and KPI Tracker.

Step 1
MHAW Consultancy addresses three key questions

  • What is your vision for mental health and objectives? 
  • What would you like to know about the effectiveness of  your mental health strategy ? 
  • How can performance be improved and where ?

Step 2
MHAW Diagnostic Tool Kit

Step 3
MHAW Consultancy can provide three deliverables

  • Mental health status report
  • Mental health improvement plan opportunities
  • Mental health scorecard for ongoing monitoring of impact

Organisational Outcomes of MHaW Consultancy

MHAW Rosette Independent review of the current impact of your mental health strategy

MHAW RosetteAction focused report to identify areas of impact

MHAW RosetteSupports development of plan evolution and budget trade offs

MHAW RosetteProvides a basis for ongoing measurement and evaluation

MHAW RosetteSupports the workplace role in prevention within the mental health agenda

MHAW RosetteBrings understanding and improvement within the employee experience

Why Mental Health at Work Consultancy?

Established expertise in workplace mental health globally

Flexible and agile to align with your objectives for mental health

Trusted third party confidentiality to encourage honesty and openness

To find out more about Mental Health at Work Consultancy, please get in touch