As part of the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health at Work provides organisations with tailored mental health workshops; enabling open & natural conversations which help business thrive

What We Do

We develop and deliver bespoke mental health training programmes that affect change around mental health at work

mental health — how we do it

How We Do It

We use a Framework Approach in order to help organisations understand, manage and promote mental health at work.

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How It Will Help

Our programmes increase mental health awareness, bring sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviour around mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health At Work support

Who We’ve Helped

From MediaCom to Malcolm Hollis, our mental health workshops have been used within a range of organisations across all industries.

We can help you to understand, manage and promote mental health.

By implementing mental health workshops within your workplace you can :

Taster Sessions

We appreciate that you’ll want to make sure that Mental Health At Work is the right partner for your organisation, including our approach to workplace mental health and the style of our facilitated workshops. We run regular Taster Sessions, designed for anyone who is considering a mental health programme in their organisation.