MHaW Manage®

MHaW Manage® equips anyone who manages mental health within their role with the knowledge and skills to be an inclusive, compassionate and effective people leader. Our customised workshops will provide attendees with an understanding of mental health issues and illness, and the skills to notice, act and signpost to enable early intervention and prevention.

Why choose MHaW Manage®?

We have been running our MHaW Manage® workshops since 2016, customising content to reflect the specific needs and learning outcomes for the specific audiences in each organisation or market. Workshops accommodate between 12-16 attendees, timings are flexible to cover up to 6 hours of learning time and can be run virtually or face to face.

In 2022 WHO(1) issued guidelines for mental health at work and with a high certainty of evidence, strongly recommended Manager Training.  They ask that workplaces:

MHAW RosetteTrain line managers to support workers’ mental health, improve their knowledge and attitudes, and enhance workers’ help-seeking behaviours

MHAW RosetteBuild this into a comprehensive programme, including refresher training

MHAW RosetteEngage senior leaders to support the cultural change

MHAW RosetteChoose a training provider that has a strong evidence base

MHaW Manage® programme exceeds all requirements of this recommendation.

(1) The WHO Guidelines on Mental Health at Work provide evidence-based recommendations to promote mental health, prevent mental health conditions, and enable people living with mental health conditions to participate and thrive in work. (Sept 2022)

MHaW Manage® is also CPD accredited and attendees qualify for 10 CPD points towards professional development.

Who should attend this workshop ?

MHaW Manage® is a programme suitable for anyone who manages mental health within their role.  Many attendees are line managers or supervisors, but this is also useful for senior leaders, HR, D&I, Health and Safety, project managers or anyone with formal or informal people responsibility.

Contact us today to find out more about MHaW Manage® and how we can support your organisation across the mental health agenda.

What does MHaW Manage® cover?

The programme will be customised for your organisations, but suggested learning outcomes include :

MHAW RosetteUnderstanding mental health and mental illness.

MHAW RosetteExploring attitudes, myths, and language related to mental health.

MHAW RosetteRecognising and managing stress in the workplace.

MHAW RosetteAddressing shared collective responsibilities and Duty of Care.

MHAW RosetteConsidering mental health and physical health as an inclusive part of psychological health and safety in the workplace

MHAW RosetteConsidering your role in optimising mental health whilst managing performance

MHAW RosetteIdentifying and practising the skills to have a conversation

MHAW RosetteApplying a principled approach to respond effectively to mental health issues.

MHAW RosetteEstablishing boundaries and effectively escalating concerns.

MHAW RosetteUnderstanding internal and external signposting for support.

By breaking down stigma and signposting to resources and support, this workshop enables managers to create a stigma-free and supportive work environment, reducing emotional distress symptoms and enhancing productivity.

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