Tailored Mental Health Workplace Training
Our tailored mental health training workshops improve working lives by changing attitudes and behaviours around mental health, improving mental health awareness and the skills to manage as part of a supportive workplace culture.

What We Do

Here at Mental Health at Work, we create and deliver customised mental health training workshops that create positive, lasting attitudinal and behavioural change, at all levels of the workplace culture. Our tailored programmes provide essential knowledge and skills to normalise conversations and manage mental health at work and are delivered through modular workshops delivered virtually or face to face and supported by e-learning.

As a subsidiary of the Mental Health Foundation, we are experts in mental health awareness in the workplace. We will challenge you to think differently, energising conversations and empowering action, which will help both individuals and organisations thrive.

Normalising Mental Health at Work

We develop and deliver customised mental health awareness courses that affect change around mental health and gives your organisation the necessary support at work for mental health. Our unique Framework Approach brings a modular approach to learning which empowers organisations to understand, manage and promote mental health at work by challenging myths and preconceptions and facilitating work environments where positive, open conversations around mental health are normalised.

Our mental health workshops will increase mental health awareness and bring sustainable change in attitudes and behaviour around mental health and wellbeing. From MediaCom to Malcolm Hollis, our mental health workshops have been successfully embedded across a range of organisations across all industries.

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We bring our passion for creating inclusive workplaces around mental health

By implementing one of our mental health programmes in your workplace, our team of expert facilitators can help your organisation to normalise conversations around mental health and wellbeing at work, reduce presenteeism and absences, improve manager and employees relationships and contribute to a healthy workplace environment.

Our modules introduce essential practical skills across the organisation including the importance of noticing any changes in colleagues and being confident to ask questions and listen, without judgement or stigma. We also set establish clear boundaries, ensuring that the expectation is not for the business to diagnose, treat or provide counselling for mental health, as this the role of a clinician. 

Our mental health awareness training empowers organisations to support mental health by providing signpost and support structures, improving working relationships, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

Each year, the average cost of mental health to the UK economy is at least £47bn. And 1 in 4 of us is affected by mental ill-health in the UK every year. Yet, mental health at work is often de-prioritised or overlooked with limited training or  support for mental health which can contribute to poor performance and presenteeism. Embedding mental health as part of everyday workplace culture, improves working lives and ultimately helps create thriving businesses. 

Navigating the complexity of  providing adequate mental health support at work and continuing to achieve business goals is just one of the challenges that our Mental Health at Work team can assist your organisation with.  

Implementing mental health awareness training will equip your organisation with the knowledge, skills and confidence to normalise conversations around mental health and manage it as a normal part of working life. Increasing employee satisfaction, while providing workplace mental health support can protect and support your most important asset, which can only be a positive step for any business.

Why Understanding Mental Health At Work Is Crucial

How We Help Your Business

Our Mental Health at Work team carries out an initial comprehensive assessment and scoping of your business enabling us to identify and address specific learning outcomes in order to effectively manage and support mental health in the workplace.

We use a blended learning approach of face-to-face or virtual workshops, supported by  e-Learning to implement our modular framework Understand, Manage, Promote in the most effective way for your organisation. This equips employees with the practical skills and essential knowledge to support mental health at work, at all levels within the organisation.

What Can Our Framework Approach Achieve?

  • Ensures the common language of mental health in workplace contexts is understood across the organisation
  • Challenges the assumptions and myths that lead to the stigmatisation of mental health at work
  • Introduces the essential practical skills and knowledge to understand and manage mental health, using tailored exercises facilitated by our expert facilitators
  • Embeds mental health as part of everyday workplace culture, by implementing support and signpost structures and approaches for scaling concerns
  • Highlights the importance of noticing changes in colleagues while empowering the confidence to ask, and act
  • Empowers organisations to review and adapt policies and resources, to ensure positive management of mental health
  • Ensures that line managers understand key leadership choices, such as making reasonable adjustments to create a supportive workplace with increased mental health awareness


Because mental health cannot, and should not be generalised, we believe that mental health workplace training should not be generalised either. This is why our tailored modular programmes are designed to evolve and grow alongside the needs of our clients, driving sustainable change to the attitudes and behaviours surrounding how mental health is understood and managed, across the organisation.

As a result of our mental health workplace training, you can expect to see positive outcomes in removing fear and stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace. This ensures openness and readiness in starting conversations, removing the fear of how to talk about mental health, or where to signpost for support. This creates a workplace environment where employees are engaged, satisfied and performing at their best.

Why Provide Mental Health Awareness Training?

Implementing our mental health awareness training ensures that your organisation creates positive, lasting change around mental health, which improves working lives. 

Employees and line managers understand the importance of noticing and acting, by improving mental health awareness and being equipped to understand differences between health issues and mental illness.

Line managers will acquire skills that can be applied across the workplace to normalise conversations around mental health, improving both leadership and employee satisfaction. They will be clear about their role, and how to support their teams and colleagues.

If you think a mental health at work training programme would be beneficial to your organisation, contact us on email team@mhaw.uk.com