Our Framework

Through bespoke programmes, workshops and training, Mental Health at Work facilitates learning through face to face and virtual mental health workshops, affecting positive change around mental health in the workplace.

Our approach is based on our framework of Understand – Manage Promote, which enables organisations to start and finish their mental health training at a point that meets their specific learning outcome needs.

Our Workshops: Face to Face or Virtual via Zoom

Understand Manage Promote
Up to 90 mins Up to one day Two days

MHAW Rosette Increasing awareness and knowledge for all employees.

MHAW Rosette Managing Mental Health - for managers and supervisors.

MHAW Rosette Raising awareness and understanding of mental health.

MHAW Rosette Building skills and confidence to have conversations with colleagues.

MHAW Rosette MHaW Mental Health Allies®

MHAW Rosette Volunteer role for all levels within an organisation to provide skilled listening and signposting.

MHAW Rosette Drive the mental health agenda and embed cultural change.

Additional Learning Options

In addition to our core workshops identified above we also offer a number of additional “bolt-on” programmes including:

Contact us for more information on any of our programmes