MHaW Allies®

Our MHaW Allies® programme supports organisations to embed cultural change and contribute to the role of prevention around workplace mental health. Allies are a network of workplace mental health advocates who are trained to listen and signpost for support, when and where this is needed. 

What is a MHaW Ally?

MHaW Allies® are a network of trained volunteers accessible to anyone in the organisation who would like a confidential conversation about anything that may be impacting their mental health, within and outside of work. The Ally is there to listen and ask open questions that enable someone to talk. They are familiar with your organisation’s policy, procedure and support provision, so if needed, can signpost both within and external to the organisation.

The Mental Health Allies network in each organisation will agree their role definition, boundaries, how they can be accessed, how they will support each other and what they will need from the organisation, to be both an advocate and an activist in supporting and driving mental health initiatives throughout the workplace. This is not a clinical role and the Ally will not diagnose or offer advice.

Why should we consider MHaW Allies® within our organisation?

MHaW Allies® will be a valued and fundamental part of your people provision around workplace mental health. They play a key role in bringing about change in the workplace and can strengthen the connection between the wider workforce and the organisation’s mental health agenda.

This network of skilled listeners, creates an informal and trusted provision for  workplace mental health, ensuring everyone has access to someone that they feel comfortable to talk to.  At work, we have a precious opportunity to notice a change in someone, which might be associated with a movement away from mental health. Whether we are a manager or a colleague, the Ally network will be there to have an early conversation, signpost if needed and quite possibly facilitate a return to health.

What does MHaW Allies® training look like?

All our mental health programmes are tailored to individual organisation’s needs. We take into consideration different operational, cultural and demographic requirements, including multi market approaches, so there is no such thing as one size fits all.

MHaW Allies ® training usually takes around two days in total, ensuring that participants are both confident and competent to begin this role, recognising the responsibility to both the Allies themselves and the employee network that they will reach. It is structured around four core themes:

Understanding & Knowledge Around Workplace Mental Health
The Role of a Mental Health Ally
The Skills of Listening and Questioning for Allies
The Contribution to Workplace Culture

A selection of the organisations who have implemented MHaW Allies® programmes:

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