Mental Health at Work Coaching

We provide 1:1 coaching around workplace mental health.  As an experienced provider of workplace mental health programmes and consultancy, we know the benefit of support for individuals as part of their role in managing mental health, providing perspective, skills and time to think, which can unlock change across the workplace mental health agenda.

Managers and leaders, including those working in Wellbeing, HR and D&I roles can benefit from 1:1 support around challenges they face in understanding, confidence and direction in workplace strategy, culture and practice. Coaching provides the space and structure necessary for reflection, growth, change, creativity, courage and focus. 

What is Mental Health at Work coaching ?

Our coaches are qualified workplace mental health coaching experts, bringing rigour and confidence, and all are experienced workplace mental health facilitators.  Our 1:1 coaching is booked in a block of six sessions of 45 minutes, and can be virtual or face to face,  delivered flexibly to meet your schedule.

Sessions are only focussed on mental health in the workplace initiatives and agenda. Our sessions can support leaders who are developing, embedding or challenging mental health or wellbeing projects. The sessions can also focus on managing mental health agenda for organisations, teams or specific team members. Our coaching will also provide a safe and valuable sounding board for individuals needing to solve specific challenges within the workplace. 


Coaching & Change

Why choose Mental Health at Work coaching?

We have been providing a pioneering workplace focus since 2016. Our team offer trusted thought leadership through knowledge and experience in the mental health at work arena. We also offer a goal and outcome approach to support you to drive change within your organisation.

What are the benefits for me?

MHAW Rosette Participants will be better placed to achieve organizational outcomes

MHAW RosetteImproved safety and engagement in the workplace

MHAW RosetteAddressing aspects of psychological health and safety agenda

MHAW RosetteRespect and openness

MHAW RosetteSupport of organisational change by focusing on prevention

What are the benefits for my organisation?

MHAW Rosette Achievement of goals

MHAW Rosette Improved sense of direction

MHAW Rosette Improved ability to influence

MHAW Rosette Increased motivation and personal effectiveness

MHAW Rosette Increase in resourcefulness and resilience


“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions from start to finish! From the initial booking process, which was easy to use, to the sessions themselves which I found to be extremely beneficial as I could apply my learnings into practical situations straight away. The sessions gave me the ability and confidence to discuss concerns and challenges, yet I found that it was often myself that came up with solutions to these challenges. I would recommend coaching to anyone who manages others – the process helps provide a neutral sounding board and helps devise real solutions to challenging workplace situations.” 

Graham Cassidy, Delivery Lead, The&Partnership

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