Our Flexible Learning Options
Our facilitated workshops, delivered in person or virtually, are central to our programmes, but we use a blended approach to drive change throughout an organisation, ensuring depth and coverage across multiple divisions or markets.

Types of Learning


A mental health workshop is a learning platform. Focused on learning outcomes. Enables discussion for future actions. Supports skill development to drive change. Flexible and adaptable. Small groups, typically 9-16.


A webinar is a knowledge provision platform. Focused on listening. Introduces skills but not skill development Supports a broader programme. Suitable for a larger audience, typically 50-250.


E-Learning is a knowledge provision platform. Rapid, consistent scalability. Cost effective. Flexible learning and review periods. Language adaptation through subtitles. No limit on numbers.

Introduction To E-Learning

Mental Health at Work have partnered with KPMG to develop an online learning programme, which compliments our facilitated workshops.