Our Flexible Learning Options

Our facilitated workshops, delivered in person or virtually, are central to our programmes, but we use a blended approach to drive change throughout an organisation, ensuring depth and coverage across multiple divisions or markets. In addition to workshops, we also offer webinars, coaching and an independent on-line learning option available through FutureLearn.

Types of Learning

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A mental health workshop is a learning platform. Focused on learning outcomes. Enables discussion for future actions. Supports skill development to drive change.
Flexible and adaptable. Small groups, typically 9-16.

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A webinar is a knowledge provision platform. Focused on listening. Introduces skills but not skill development. Supports a broader programme. Suitable for a larger audience, typically 50-250.

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We also offer a variety of digital products, including tailored videos to support and reinforce learning. Rapid, consistent scalability. Cost effective. Flexible learning and review periods. Language adaptation through subtitles. No limit on numbers.

Independent Online Learning

We also have an online training course for individuals or small businesses who want to increase understanding of workplace mental health, whilst working at their own pace.      See below for more information.

What is it?

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Modern Workplace is an online course, created jointly with our parent company the Mental Health Foundation. It aims to improve understanding and awareness around workplace mental health, supporting our mission to improve working lives.

This online learning solution can used flexibly by individuals, adopted within workplace teams or embraced as a companywide initiative.

The course covers workplace mental health topics including:

Bullet pointNavigating and adhering to legal duty of care

Bullet pointIdentifying and preventing stress and burnout

Bullet pointExploring reasonable adjustments 

Bullet pointUnderstanding the impact of manager relationships

Bullet pointCreating cohesion in a hybrid workplace

Bullet point Enhancing mental health conversations through safeguarding and skills

How long does the course take?

This course will require approximately a six hour commitment from learners – we suggest dedicating two hours per week over a three week period. However, with unlimited on demand access, this is totally flexible and can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

CPD certified

This course is certified by the CPD, recognising the value of engaging with this course and the quality of the learning materials. On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from CPD and a points credit.

Programme cost

The 6 hour programme is £45 per person. There are discounts available for bulk purchase.

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