Our Customised Approach to Mental Health Training

After an initial comprehensive assessment, the Mental Health at Work team will address your organisation’s specific learning outcome needs, to effectively deliver mental health awareness training for the workplace.

Working with you, we’ll develop a tailored mental health awareness training workshop, built around our framework of Understand, Manage, Prevent, to drive lasting positive change for your business.

We ensure that each mental health awareness training workshop brings optimal benefit, by designing content around the specific employee audience from senior leaders through to HR, line managers and the general employee population.

What a mental health awareness training workshop might look like

Below is an illustrative example of how this could work:

For All Employees

Understanding Mental Health

  • Understand language and literacy around mental health
  • Noticing changes in self and colleagues
  • Confidence to start a conversation and know where to signpost including MHaW Allies® & EAP

For Line Managers and Supervisors (& HR)

MHaW Manage®


  • Knowledge of Duty of Care 
  • Noticing changes in employees and acting
  • Effective questioning and listening skills
  • Compassionate leadership skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of signposts, both internal and external
  • CPD accredited

For A Cross Section Of Employees

MHaW Allies®  Roll Out


  • Expert listeners and sign posters for anyone in the organisation who needs to talk about mental health
  • Activism and advocacy for mental health throughout the organisation
  • Supporting and driving initiatives to embed

For Senior Execs and Directors

Briefing Session

  • Ambassadors and senior sponsors of the agenda
  • Ongoing support through key communications
  • Shaping policy and procedures in support of the strategy
  • Reviewing evaluations and themes for ongoing evolution within the business

Using this framework we help you to:

If our Programme Approach to mental health could be beneficial to your workplace, contact us for an informal discovery call.