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Building a programme for a diverse workplace with hybrid and field-based employees

Clear Channel UK are one of the UK’s largest Out of Home media owners, with 600+ employees. Their business has 3 very distinct divisions; Sales, Operations/Delivery and Core Services, which all require different ways of working – from hybrid to field based to lone working. The company often describe itself as “three businesses in one” and needed a training partner who could respond to these differing needs.

The issue

Mental Health at Work began our journey with Clear Channel UK in 2019. At the time the company were conscious that historically, awareness raising events/activities had been largely office-focused and there was a drive to find ways to better connect all to the well-being agenda.  The HR team were seeing a trend in mental health related cases being referred at the point of illness, rather than at an earlier stage when preventative measures could have supported the individual.  They were also concerned about the risk of poor mental health going unchecked amongst their field based and lone working population. 

Some of the Senior Leaders at Clear Channel UK had started to share their stories around mental health on their well-being hub and had very positive feedback. However, the company recognised that they needed to build a strategy supported by wide ranging resources, policies, training, feedback and underpinned by measurement to help embed mental health into the business for the long-term.

The answer

Clear Channel UK began with its vision for mental health  – one which would offer touch points, resources, information and training and development for all, alongside upgraded technology to enable better access. A strategy and approach owned by all employees through individual and collective responsibility.

Mental Health at Work recognised that the different strands of the business would need a tailored learning solution to create impact and support longer lasting change.  Consequently, we held a series of face-to-face Focus Groups with representatives from all departments to help us to build our programme content.  As our partnership with Clear Channel UK has continued, so our content has continued to evolve in response to the changing workplace and external environments. 

Clear Channel UK wanted to ambassador its approach from the very top of the organisation, so Mental Health at Work firstly delivered facilitated workshops to its Executive Team. Attendees considered their part in promoting, communicating, supporting and role modelling an open culture to the agenda, as well as thinking about how to support their own mental health as both individuals and as a peer group. The workshops concluded with some tangible pledges from the Exec Team – a Team which have driven the strategy forward over the ensuing years.

Embedding for Success

Mental Health at Work then delivered a programme for all Clear Channel UK Managers to attend, offering both virtual and face to face workshops, with nuanced content for the various divisions of the business.  This included an off-site opportunity for Team Leaders from its Operational team to come away from their depots and spend time together considering how to support mental health and take proactive steps to reduce stigma and best support their lone working team members.   

In tandem with the programme for Managers, a series of awareness raising webinars were delivered for all staff on a variety of topics including Situational Anxiety, Understanding Mental Health and Supporting Conversations about mental health. Providing an opportunity to enhance knowledge and promote the resources available at Clear Channel UK.  

In the late Spring of 2022, Clear Channel UK recruited its first Mental Health Allies Crew. A group of 12 employees from all levels within the business, who joined Mental Health at Work for a 2-day training programme to create expert listeners and signposters. These activists to the mental health agenda within the business will champion mental health alongside their HR colleagues.  Providing a non-judgmental, listening ear for any employee who needs to talk, at the point of need.

The impact

Since 2019 nearly 150 Managers and Team Leaders have attended full-day workshops with Mental Health at Work, returning very positive feedback collated through our SLIDO evaluation surveys. Around 350 staff members have attended our webinars and Launch and Learn events. 

During the last 24-months Clear Channel UK’s evolving strategy has been vital in supporting their people through challenging times.  They’ve seen increased interest and comfort in discussing mental health, fantastic ambassadorship from the leadership team and company-wide engagement. 

Managers and Team Leaders are using skills they’ve learned, to open-up mental health conversations, to check-in without assumptions and to signpost confidently.  Creating opportunities for informal conversations about well-being, whether in the field or side-by-side in a delivery van. Clear Channel UK has seen more proactive contact to support wellbeing and more feedback.  

The strategy continues to evolve, with Clear Channel recognising that continued communication, evaluation and feedback about their offering will help to keep it focused on emerging needs.

The proof

In June 2022 Clear Channel UK were shortlisted for the This Can Happen Award for Best Mental Health Strategy (SME) – a clear testament to their approach and commitment to employee mental health.

Our programme with Mental Health at Work has allowed us, as a company, to start breaking down the stigmas associated with mental health.  It has given individuals the confidence to start talking to people about it, both in department meetings and on a one-to-one basis.  Mental Health at Work has partnered us on this journey at a pace that has felt right for us, and we look forward to continuing the roll-out of an offering that meets the needs of our diverse employee population.”

Jo Henderson, People Director Clear Channel UK

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