Taster Sessions

We appreciate that you’ll want to make sure that Mental Health at Work is the right partner for your organisation, including our approach to workplace mental health and the style of our facilitated workshops. We run regular Taster Sessions on a variety of topics, designed for anyone who is considering a mental health programme in their organisation.

Upcoming Taster Sessions

Friday May 13th 2022

via Zoom

12.30-13.30 BST

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, we are hosting a panel discussion exploring the chosen theme for this year, loneliness.

There are many misconceptions surrounding loneliness and the workplace has an important role to play in encouraging discussion around the topic to help remove some of the stigma.

We will be discussing various issues around loneliness including how the workplace might support colleagues.

Panellists include representatives from Mental Health at Work, Mental Health Foundation and The Samaritans.

This session is free to attend. 


Thursday  June 23rd 2022

via Zoom

Session 1  09.30– 10.30 BST


Session 2  13.00 – 14.00 BST

In these virtual sessions we will explore the role of MHaW Mental Health Allies® in the workplace. We will look at an understanding of mental health and mental illness and the impact of the pandemic on this continuum within hybrid working environments.

We’ll explore how the skills of listening and signposting in a supportive and compassionate way can make a difference in all workplaces. In this short webinar session, you will have the opportunity to experience the approach of Mental Health at Work and the broader benefits for your organisation. This session, which is repeated in the afternoon, is aimed at senior leaders and managers in HR, D&I and Talent Management who are considering beginning or extending their workplace mental health programme to bring behavioural change.

There is a small charge for this event; as a not for profit, social enterprise, our mission is to change working lives, reaching as many people as possible in the workplace to change attitudes and behaviours around mental health. This fee enables us to continue to deliver this mission, whilst bringing frontline developments and considerations around workplace mental health to a broad audience. If you are a current or past customer of Mental Health at Work, please contact us at team@mhaw.uk.com for your complimentary access code.

If you would like to know more about how Mental Health at Work develop and deliver programmes to improve working lives through changing attitudes and behaviours around mental health, then visit our website at www.mentalhealthatwork.com or email us at team@mentalhealthatwork.com