What We Do

We design, develop and deliver customised mental health workshops, which support open, human conversations about workplace mental health. Our corporate mental health training workshops and webinars equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to remove the stigma and manage mental health within their roles; improving working lives and helping organisations to thrive.

Mental Health Emotions

Our mental health workshops bring a positive change in attitudes and behaviours, and empower organisations to understand, manage and promote mental health at work; increasing mental health awareness and facilitating environments where open discussions around mental health are normalised.

You’ll understand the importance of noticing changes in colleagues, be confident to ask open questions, listen and then signpost for support if needed. We are not expecting the workplace to diagnose, treat or provide counselling for mental health; this is the role of a clinician and we’ll set out clear boundaries from the start.


Our virtual or face to face programmes are tailored in both content and duration to meet the needs of your business and overall mental health strategy.


Our workshops focus on what the workplace needs to know to embed natural conversations around mental health at the heart of your organisation.


Our experienced team of facilitators, equip employees with the skills needed in their roles to bring change in the culture around workplace mental health.


Investment in our workplace programme creates a compelling business case, improving working lives, reducing costs and enhancing reputation in the market.

We have a unique approach developed with businesses in mind.

Our mental health training workshops and training are tailored to evolve and grow alongside the needs of our clients. We can’t generalise mental health, so we don’t believe that training around it should be generalised. Instead, our unique Principle Approach, of Understand, Manage, Promote, is introduced through facilitated face to face and virtual mental health workshops.

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We bring our passion for creating inclusive workplaces around mental health

We put adult to adult, open conversations at the centre of our mental health workshops and training programmes, removing the fear and stigma surrounding mental health and mental health in the workplace. This enables and empowers employees to notice changes, and then have the competence and confidence to act. Colleagues will no longer be afraid to start a conversation because they don’t know how to talk about mental health, because mental health support at work will be accessible and available. The result? An engaged, proactive and supportive workforce. And that’s important – because your success as a business depends on it.

Our mental health is on a continuum, and may move along this continuum at any time. Any movement away from mental health towards issue or illness can be as debilitating as changes in our physical health. Both impact our ability to do what we could, should, or want to do, and affects our performance at work. Yet mental health issues are often overlooked. We want to help you address this to empower businesses regarding managing mental health at work, and improve both employee engagement and business performance.

We understand the importance of finding the balance between achieving business goals and managing mental health at work.

A business is unlikely to survive if it doesn’t remain competitive and goal-focussed. We get that. We can help you navigate the challenges of balancing mental health support alongside these goals, including when performance might be challenged. The first step is reaching out to us! The next is taking action to move towards managing and supporting mental health at work.