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Why does the workplace need more coaching for mental health?

Managing workplace mental health as part of your role can be challenging and companies are now considering 1:1 coaching to support these individuals who are driving change across the mental health agenda.

If your role includes responsibility for managing any aspect of the mental health agenda in your organisation, there is a heavy responsibility on your shoulders.  The cost of mental health to employers rose a staggering 25% between 2019 and 2022 to £53bn a year.   Recovery from the adjustments of the pandemic, financial pressures, and external factors, continue to increase stress in the workplace.  You may have invested in mental health training and have a range of signposting and support available, but you may now be facing challenges at organisational, team or an individual level that you need additional support with.

Coaching is a broad and sometimes misunderstood role, but there has been growing interest within the workplace, driven by challenging circumstances and the flexibility that confidence in virtual provision brings.  A confidential, safe space with a trusted coach can cover a range of focus, from developing individual leadership or careers, providing support for mental health and wellbeing or more holistic lifestyle coaching.  As society becomes more comfortable talking about mental health and the workplace follows, coaching that specifically focusses on enabling employees to talk 1:1 about mental health is more prevalent with a range of providers from those that blur coaching with counselling and training to the highly focussed App enabled, 24/7 global coach networks.

What are the current gaps in workplace coaching?

As a recognised thought leader in workplace mental health, we work daily with organisations to develop and implement customised programmes that support them to advance the mental health agenda in their organisation.  This includes building understanding, developing the skills to manage and supporting them to consider the role they play in prevention. 

As trusted partners, we don’t give advice or present a one size fits all approach, but we have built a reputation for listening and asking the questions that enable people to talk.  We have been hearing for some time that there is a gap in the market and demand for a very specific type of coaching which supports individual in roles with responsibility for driving the mental health agenda within organisations.

Why Mental Health at Work Coaching?

Managing mental health within a role can be lonely, even with training, and sometimes managers just need time, in a safe space to talk.

Managers and leaders, including those working in Wellbeing, HR and D&I roles can benefit from precious 1:1 time to talk around the challenges they face in understanding, confidence and direction in workplace strategy, culture and practice.

This unique approach focusses on goals and outcomes to help drive change within the organisation. 

What is it?

Our coaches hold trusted and validated qualifications and are experienced thought leaders in workplace mental health, ensuring rigour and confidence in the process.  All coaching is  1:1 and booked in a block of six sessions of 45 minutes duration, usually virtual,  delivered flexibly to meet your schedule.

Sessions are boundaried to focus solely on mental health in the workplace initiatives and agenda, supporting leaders and managers at all levels who are developing, embedding or challenging mental health or wellbeing projects. They can also focus on managing the mental health agenda for organisations, teams or team members and provide a safe and valuable sounding board for individuals needing to solve specific challenges within the workplace. 

Why choose it?

We have been providing a pioneering workplace mental health focus since 2016. Our team offer trusted thought leadership, through knowledge and experience in the mental health at work arena. We also offer a goal and outcome approach to support you to drive change within your organisation, from reducing stigma to making the workplace safer.

This unique approach to coaching providing you with the space and structure necessary for reflection, growth, change, creativity, courage and focus.  Supporting you to be successful in the important job you are tasked with ……driving change across the mental health agenda. We’ll support you to grow your understanding and develop your skills to manage mental health and you’ll be visibly contributing to your role in prevention within the workplace.

If you would like to know more about Mental Health at Work Coaching or how we develop and deliver programmes to improve working lives through changing attitudes and behaviours around mental health, then  email us at

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