Arjun Kumar

Arjun Kumar

MHaW Associate

Arjun is an associate facilitator at MHaW. After spending nearly 15 years working within sponsorships and sales teams at corporate organisations, a growing personal focus on mental wellbeing and meditation led him to explore how he could utilise this to work with people…

This led to Arjun training in mindfulness & meditation in 2018, and now as a certified mindfulness-based stress reduction program facilitator, Arjun is fascinated with how mindfulness practices can help to bring awareness to our habitual reactivity to the stressful situations we all face, and with training, how mindfulness can help us change the way we meet life’s many ups and downs.

Recently Arjun spent 2.5 years as a behaviour change coach supporting people on their quit smoking journey, mainly during the pandemic which meant the sessions went far beyond stop smoking behavioural support to creating a space for deeper mental health conversations. The need for proactive mental health support was clear, as was the desire to be directly involved in this space – hence the alignment with MHaW.

Arjun can also be found facilitating online ‘Deep Work’ sessions, creating an environment for people to be more productive and creative, walking in a wooded area, eating mangoes or on a yoga mat with his wife and 2 cats. 

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