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Ali Thorogood

MHaW Coach

Ali is an ICF accredited coach with over two decades of dedicated service as a Learning and Development Manager. She has had the pleasure of leading teams to cultivate excellence and drive transformative change within medium and large businesses. During this extensive journey, she has coached numerous leaders, and it’s this passion for one-on-one interactions that led her to further specialise in the domains of leadership and wellbeing coaching. Her ultimate aim for all clients is to inspire purposeful, happy, and healthy careers.

She creates a safe, judgment-free zone for the exploration of unlocking unconscious thoughts, considering new ideas, and igniting positive action toward pre-defined goals.

At the core of her coaching approach is a steadfast commitment to integrity and forging a genuine, open, and honest partnership with clients.

In essence, she sees her role is to help leaders pinpoint their goals, navigate through a maze of options, and chart a path that not only aligns with their values and aspirations but also resonates with their teams and bolsters business performance.

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